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Truflo Mag-Drive Pumps

The TRUFLO TNP Series are magnetically driven sealless pumps with a combination of materials to provide the mechanical strength of metal and the corrosion resistance of a non-metallic lining. All our TNP Series designs have a non-rotating shaft that allows easy maintenance and improved performance over standard rotating shaft designs. Our rear containment shell, with its dual laminate of a fluoropolymer, is then reinforced with a vinyl ester composite for high burst pressure resistance. The unique no-weld impeller design allows for a more chemical impervious barrier. TNP Series internal components assemblies are designed for protection against corrosive environments. Truflo provides equivalent, interchangeable parts to ANSIMAG mag-drive pumps.


  • Flowrates up to 700 gpm (159m3/h)
  • TDH up to 330 ft. (101 m)
  • Temperature ranges from -120deg. F (-85deg. C) to 250deg. F (121deg. C)
  • Impeller diameters range from 5" - 8"
  • Sealless magnetic design
  • Rare earth magnets allow for superior no-slip performance
  • ETFE parts handle a wide range of corrosive fluids and solvents up to 250deg. F


  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Solvents
  • Zero emission chemicals
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