optimex canned motor pump

OPTIMEX Canned Motor Pumps

OPTIMEX specializes in designing and manufacturing API 685 canned motor pumps for specialty chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and nuclear industries. OPTIMEX provides high adaptability with custom canned motor pumps for difficult applications, as well as standardized canned motor pumps for general zero-emission services. All OPTIMEX canned pumps are dual-containment for a 100% leak-free operation.

OPTIMEX Canned Motor Pumps

  • 1. Standard flanges according to ASME B16.5.
  • 2. Thrust balancing system.
  • 3. High adaptability between different motors and hydraulics.
  • 4. Motor frame with same pressure design as the pump.
  • 5. Leak proof feedthrough with same design pressure as the pump.
  • 6. Terminal box: in “e” protection.
  • 7. Drainable second containment.


  • A double seal barrier = 100% leak proof!
  • Up to 5000ft head
  • Low maintenance costs, long running life.
  • No expensive and complex lubrication or cooling 
systems necessary.
  • “One-piece” design = gain of space.
  • Low sound level.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • No clamping tie-rod (security in case of fire).
  • Interchangeability: a given motor can be adapted on any hydraulic.
  • Complete Flushing by the flushing hole, without disassembling the pump.
  • Hydraulic balancing of the axial thrusts.
  • Automatic degassing.
  • Stator liner not submitted to the traction efforts created by the pressure or by differential dilatations.
  • Intense circulation of the liquid in the motor, allowing an effective cooling
  • Possibility to install on the pump a liquid presence and/or a temprerature sensor.


  • High Gas Content Liquids
  • Diphasic Liquids
  • Submersible or Tank/Sump Mounting
  • Crystalizing and Polymerizing Liquids
  • Under Suction Lift Conditions
  • High Pressure Loop
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Chlorine
  • Hot Liquids
  • Liquefied Gas
  • Dangerous Liquids
optimex motor pump